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While hiking in early May up in the Adirondacks of New York, I came across a vernal pool. These are temporary stands of water that have no source or movement. Frogs and other amphibians will often lay eggs in these pools because they lack predators like fish and turtles. I came across a swath of frog eggs that hadn’t hatched yet in what was a receding pool. A dry spring was depleting the water level and some of the eggs were sticking above the surface of the pool. I had a 50mm macro lens on my camera and no tripod. I got close, handheld the shots and hoped for the best. Thankfully I was able to capture a nice amount of successful exposures.

Central Bubble.jpg

In Central Park, NYC, you will find all sorts of artists. This “Bubble Guy” creates these giant bubbles to the delight of many, including enthusiastic children. He, as others who work for tips, know that photographers like to capture these moments so they generally wait for you to drop some money in the bucket before they begin. I have no issue with that and try to do my part. I fired off a series of giant bubbles being created. The girls hand is just about to pop the one here. I have that reaction as well but this one is the strongest of those taken on this day.

Night Sky 1.jpg

From time to time I enjoy capturing the night sky. These two shots were taken in different seasons but off the same road. The image on the left was taken in the summer. You can make out the constellation of Pegasus in the eastern sky. The image on the right is of Orion in the southern sky taken on a bitterly cold winter night. Each exposure is about 20 seconds. For the one on the left I used a flashlight to illuminate the road. The light from the image on the right is from a house.

Trip 28.jpg

The vastness of the United States can only really be appreciated through a x-country drive. Going through the panhandle of Texas, the view in all directions stretches on forever. I took this picture from the passenger side of a pickup truck my dad and I were driving. Going along at 80mph, it isn’t always easy to frame up shots. For stretches of this trip I watched it all go by through the viewfinder of my camera.

Sandy Hook 2.jpg

Shadows and Light at Fort Hancock, Sandy Hook, NJ. This is an abandoned WWI fort. Years ago you could walk among the ruins. Now, a fence keeps people away. Understood because if you don’t watch yourself you could get hurt. I miss walking within the area. For this shot, I liked the light play and wanted to express it as best I could.

Day 12 j.jpg

We had one day to do Yellowstone on our return x-country trip. We entered the park around 5:30 in the morning. We spent the entire day. There are many little parking cutouts to stop in. I stopped in one immediately when I saw this. I had never seen the Earth steaming. It was so beautiful, poetic even that I had to stop and take it in. I wanted to include a car in the shot to give the image some scale.

Day 11 z14.jpg

Scrub and Inferno Cone. Taken at Craters of the Moon National Park, Idaho. This is an awesome location. It’s a few hours west of Yellowstone. The place is a frozen lava field from long ago. Not much grows here. I could only imagine early settlers must have hated getting though this landscape, eventually mapping it so others could go around. The Inferno cone is a giant cinder cone - the remnants of a volcanic explosion. I had to hike it and did. Loved it. I grabbed this shot on my way walking back to the car.

Olson house D.jpg

I am a fan of the American painter, Andrew Wyeth. The area in Maine we visit happens to be the stomping grounds of the Wyeth family - all wonderful artists in their own right. This picture is of the Olson House. Several Wyeth pieces were conceived here. The most famous is Christina’s World. If the title isn’t familiar, look it up, you’ll probably recognize the painting. The long grasses that stood and matted the landscape helped frame out a fairly straight forward shot. I did some post processing the complete the effect and feel.

P 2.jpg

I don’t use the polarizing filter as much as I used to. But, for an afternoon while visiting Whitesbog, New Jersey, I decided to push the limits of saturation.

Cave 1.jpg

Murals in Philadelphia. I brought my daughter and some of her friends to the city of brotherly love so they could see an indie-singer they like. I brought my Canon G-15 and walked around for a couple of hours shooting all sorts of pictures. This part of town has a lot of building murals. Wonderful work. I stuck the lens of the camera through some fencing so I could get this shot.

England day 4-37.jpg

The Heel Stone at Stonehenge. On a bright, sunny warm day ( 83-ish - England was having a very hot June) I had the opportunity to spend nearly 90 minutes walking around this awe-inspiring structure. I took it in. Photographically, 2:30 in the middle of a summer afternoon isn’t the most ideal time to take photos. However, this could be a once in a lifetime visit, so you don’t quibble with the light. I took many images at Stonehenge. I also wanted to find angles using that blank canvas of a sky to show off the site as best I could. I used the Heel Stone as a strong foreground subject to show some scale to the location. The Heel Stone marked the alignment of the Summer Solstice at sunrise.

Moma 33a.jpg

I saw this framing of a shot while visiting the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. I had just spent time looking at a very underwhelming photo exhibit. I was dismayed at what could hang from those walls. Yet, it also told me that certain portfolios are sold on concepts and that one must explore the creative message the artist is trying to convey. Nonetheless, I wanted to prove that I could take a better creative shot than what I had just witnessed.

The image above is actually a room that was being transformed to hang a new display. I wanted to show the strong angles. I also opted to blow out the details in the room from where the light came out. It reminded me of some kind of portal.

Sometimes seeing art you shake your head at can motivate you to try harder at your craft.

Maine stars 1.jpg

Mars and Sagittarius in Maine. A strong, not quite full moon, was setting in the late night sky. I could manage this shot at 15 seconds at ISO 800. The longer exposures of 20 and 25 seconds allowed too much light to pour in, washing out the constellation on the right.

NYC 7a.jpg

Taken in Central Park, NYC. Autumn is a great time of year to take pictures. The challenge is trying to express it new ways. What caught my eye with the shot was the shape of the tree. The afternoon light shaped the tree in to a silhouette. I framed several compositions for this shot finding this one the most pleasing.

Farnsworth 1.jpg

What caught my eye for this shot was the balance of pieces in the room. The lines and flow of the angles struck me. I could not go more left in my composition because of a switch panel on the wall. Ideally I would have preferred a little balance to the edges. It still worked for me. Taken at the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland, Maine.

Cape 13.jpg

Late day light basks the sands of low tide in Cape Cod. As much as I love trying to capture exciting big landscapes, I also enjoy trying to explore nuance. The lines in the sand, the warm light, the shadow play all come together here. I took several frames of this. I varied the composition in small increments to find the right balance that worked for me.

England day 7-17.jpg

Taken a little before 10pm - a cyclist began to cross the Millennium Bridge. I zoomed in as best I could seeing this person was either checking out their phone or videoing. I framed the person to left to depict flow of direction. I was able to capture this image using ISO 1600. The clarity and cleanness of the Sony a7iii sensor is amazing to shoot with.


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