Brien Szabo

Photographer, Speaker, Writer


For over twenty years I have shared my passion for photography with camera clubs, nature clubs, libraries, workshops, schools, senior groups and at garden expos. 

I started my photographic journey as a strict nature photographer trying to emulate the styles of Ansel Adams, John Shaw, Art Wolfe, and a host of others.  In time, I began appreciating the overall art of photography.  I expanded my artistic vision and became fascinated by everything.  Whether a historical site, dilapidated buildings, protests, baby showers, weddings, laughter, music, sports, the subject doesn't matter because all of it makes up the fabric and poetry that is the human experience.

Anyone who has ever seen me give a presentation knows how much I love it.  I get a real charge speaking about my passion.  It fuels me and I hope it energizes others.  If you are interested in having me speak to your group please e-mail me at to discuss what kind of program(s) you would like me to present.

I also teach.  Whether private instruction, workshops or through Adult education centers, I enjoy imparting my knowledge to those willing to listen, absorb and learn.  In particular, I've been teaching beginners and intermediate skill level photographers the longest.  I sometimes think back to when I first ventured into teaching photography and feel bad for those poor victims who had to endure my ramblings as I learned how to communicate the technical aspects of the craft into concise and easily digestible instruction. 

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Through the years, I've had the pleasure and honor to publish in various magazines including Adirondack Life, NJ Monthly, Horticulture Magazine and others.  I've also published with calendar companies, book publishers and various other media sources.

As for writing... periodically, I have published articles for different websites and Nature Photographer Magazine.  I am currently writing novels with the goal of becoming a published author in the near future.



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